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Toronto, Canada

Property Types

  • 40% Exclusive Assignments
  • 40% Townhouse
  • 20% Single Family Home

Property Status

  • 40% SOLD
  • 20% For Sale
  • 20% Other

Property Cities

  • 40% Oshawa
  • 20% WHITBY
  • 40% Other

About HomesBiz

HomesBiz is a real estate marketplace that focuses on providing exclusive deals to its customers. As a real estate marketplace, HomesBiz connects buyers and sellers of real estate properties.

HomesBiz is designed to offer a wide range of exclusive deals to buyers and investors looking for properties that meet their unique needs and preferences. The platform offers a variety of real estate properties, including luxury homes, assignment properties, investment properties, pre-construction opportunities, business acquisition opportunities and more.

To access HomesBiz’s exclusive deals, customers must create an account on the platform and complete the necessary verification processes. Once approved, customers can browse the available properties and make offers. HomesBiz facilitates the transactions and protect the interests of both parties.

Overall, HomesBiz aims to provide a convenient and efficient way for buyers and sellers to transact in the real estate market, while also offering exclusive deals and opportunities to its customers.

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